Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a Lone Soldier (Hebrew: חייל בודד‎, Ḥayal Boded) Serviceman or woman without immediate family in Israel. Lone soldiers serve in regular units and receive various forms of support from the IDF, Israeli government ministries and other organizations. One of the areas of support that could use improvement is the supplying of Combat Protection Vests that would allow for Protection Plating. Our main goal is to locate the units that have Lone soldiers who need military vests that allow for protective plates, and we will funds raise to equip the service persons in need. Their exact number fluctuates over time, but is consistently in the thousands; the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported in April 2012 that there were an "estimated 5,000". About 40% of them serve in combat units. We are raising support for an estimated 2,000 service personnel. The vests will be distributed to those in immediate combat first, and finishing with those in support sections last. These Lone Soldiers of the IDF are generally either non-Israelis of Jewish background volunteering. According to an IDF spokeswoman, 8,217 personnel born outside Israel enlisted between 2009 and August 2012. The most represented countries of origin were Russia and the United States, with 1,685 and 1,661 recruits respectively. We have American citizens volunteering in the IDF and we should be supporting them, additionally we should support anyone who would be a blessing to Israel.  A second type of Lone Soldier is known as "Irregular Lone Soldier". An Irregular Lone Soldier's parents live in Israel, but he or she is not in contact with them. As of  2011, The Jerusalem Post reported that about 46% of the approximately 5,000 lone soldiers in the military at that time had family in Israel, but were estranged from them. Some of the religious backgrounds do not support joining the IDF, and if a child from certain religious groups joins the family will shun that child. These Irregular Lone Soldiers have families in Israel, but cannot get the support they need because of the choice to join the IDF. We also want to help the Irregular Lone Soldiers get the protection vests they deserve. 

"Why donate? As a former IDF soldier I have seen first hand how much we need foreign help. We are an army that is always busy and don’t have enough money to purchase new gear. We use our gear over and over again until it literally falls apart. With help from donors like you we can help get better vests to the soldiers that need it most. With better vests the soldiers will be better protected and be able to do their jobs better. Imagine you are a surgeon and you have a dull scalpel, you will not be able to do a good job until you replace it. The same is in the army when you have a bad vest. You will not be able to access your gear properly or have the proper protection for your body. Please help us change this and get our soldiers proper vests so we can continue to protect the people here in Israel. Written by IDF Soldier Hannah Rosenberg

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