We are beginning to help an orphanage located in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominica Republic. These children need your partnership to help them with basic needs like food, shelter, clothing. We are also going beyond this immediate essential to help them get toys, an education, and post education opportunities. Become a partner and help us take care of these orphans that love Israel.
Our major future goals include scholarships for education, along with building a greenhouse that uses the breakthrough technology of aquaponics ecosystem. This will ensure they can grow their own foods sustainably, and focus on education.
Would you sponsor one child, or give to the overall goals.
Dominican Republic

"Why donate? As a former IDF soldier I have seen first hand how much we need foreign help. We are an army that is always busy and don’t have enough money to purchase new gear. We use our gear over and over again until it literally falls apart. With help from donors like you we can help get better vests to the soldiers that need it most. With better vests the soldiers will be better protected and be able to do their jobs better. Imagine you are a surgeon and you have a dull scalpel, you will not be able to do a good job until you replace it. The same is in the army when you have a bad vest. You will not be able to access your gear properly or have the proper protection for your body.

Please help us change this and get our soldiers proper vests so we can continue to protect the people here in Israel. Written by Hannah Rosenberg

Operation Support IDF

This ministry does not charge for any of their teachings. We do have associated costs such as internet, cameras, and computers. With your donations your helping to keep these teachings free to the public, and ensuring we can produce the best quality available.

Donate below and we can keep publish more new teachings.

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We need your help for a community in Ashaiman, Ghana, Africa.

Short Term help:

1. Purchase a small piece of land, assist with moving their tents onto the piece of land.

2. Build an aquaponics garden that supplies fish and vegetables daily

Long Term:

Additionally we want to help put this small community into schools, colleges, and equip them for job opportunities. We are working with their Leaders in the to train and equip them for success.

Help us today to purchase land, building, and provide for travel arrangements to Ghana where we can train up the leadership.

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